News: April - May 2019

Below are selected items from our recent newsetters and other news. Members of the society receive the full newsletter and other regular updates by email ahead of them appearing on this website.

Society Golf Day

For this year's spring's golf tournament we visited Sherfield Oaks club on the 29th April. The weather was perfect for golf, dry fresh, slight wind, with the course in fair condition; however, the greens not in the best of condition did give us problems. 14 golfers competed and played very well and produced a number of good scores.

Patrick Hedgeland joined us for lunch to give out the prizes. The overall winner was Mike York, with 37 points, an excellent score. Prizes also went to Phil Hooper for the longest drive and Peter Sharpe for nearest the pin. Special prize was awarded to Simon de Angeli.

The next Golf Society day will be in the autumn.

News from the Westridge Studio

We are still on track for the work to commence sometime between the middle and end of June - an exciting prospect for all those who have been involved in the process.

There will be a stand at the Church Fete on Saturday 8th June giving further information for anyone who is interested in what we are doing. Please come along and drop into the stall.

The Trustees and the rest of the committee would like to thank Lord Carnarvon for his personal donation and more importantly for his great support in securing a £10,000 grant from the Greenham Trust of which he is a Patron. They would also like to thank Thorngrove School for their donation of £500 which was match funded to make£1,000, such a kind gesture to our Community.

If you are interested in helping to run the Studio when it is completed please let anyone of the Trustees know, (please see Westridge Website) the more the merrier. Come November we will be looking for volunteers to help with some aspects of the build e.g. painting and decorating, if you think you could spare a few hours, again, please let us know. There will be a register on the stall.

We are keen to encourage new users to the Studio: are you interested in running an Art class for children or adults or a Music class? Talk to us about it at the fete we will give you all the information you need.

Watermill Theatre on Tour

The Watermill Theatre is on tour at Highclere Village Hall, Saturday 6th July 2019 at 7.30pm. The play is:


In some people's lives there is a moment when something goes wrong, when they do something very bad, something that poisons their life for good. In a small village, the last remaining members of the dwindling church committee gather to discuss its future. At this critical meeting, Tom, a contentious nomination to join the committee, is put forward. Caught with indecent images of children on his computer, Tom has been to prison and is now on the sex offenders register. Whilst many of the community can't forgive him, one committee member proposes that Tom is given a second chance. When the impact of the past collides with the future of a village community, is forgiveness ever possible? A powerful and captivating new drama that explores, from multiple points of view, what it means to live a haunted life.

This play contains themes of a sensitive and potentially distressing nature. Parental discretion recommended.

Tickets £12.50 each from Mary McQuillen, (marymcquillen* tel: 01635 25426).

East Woodhay & Highclere Neighbourcare

East Woodhay & Highclere Neighbourcare held their Annual General Meeting in St Thomas' Church Hall on 17 April. It was attended by 25 of the volunteer drivers.

In her Chairman's report Lesley Foden said that over the previous 2 years the number of drives that the team had carried out had increased substantially from 361 in 2016 to 477 in 2018 and the signs are that the number will continue to increase. The main destinations are Woolton Hill Surgery, West Berkshire Community Hospital and Basingstoke Hospital.

Lesley thanked all the team for their hard work and welcomed the new drivers who had joined during the year. She also gave a special thank you to Madeleine Jenkins who, as a founder member and inaugural chairman, is retiring from the team after 30 years.

Neighbourcare will be attending Highclere Church Fete on 8 June, St Thomas' Church Fete on 6 July and the Village market on 28 September. Anyone who is interested in volunteering and joining the team, giving as much or as little of their time as suits them, is very welcome to come for a chat. Alternatively call the Secretary, Keith Nunn (253888) or look at our website (

Extending Community Engagement

Members will recall that some time ago the Society asked for suggestions as to how we could attract younger members to participate in the village activities.

From the responses received the Committee has considered this matter in considerable detail and over the course of many discussions have changed the objective to one of how to create greater engagement with the whole of Highclere Community.

We do not propose changes to the current key events that the Society operates (Golf, BBQ, Wine tasting, planning matters, new residents' welcome packs, etc) as these are already successful and valued and we do not envisage the Society setting up new ventures, but we are keen to support, encourage and facilitate any ideas from members or groups of activities that they are keen to see in the village and are prepared to lead, manage or partake in, as we did when the Highclere Film Club was set up.

Now will be an ideal time for members with ideas to put them forward for, as you are aware, the redevelopment of the Westridge Studio is about to commence and will be open by December, and the Trustees are keen to hear from you. Likewise, the Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of the Parish of Highclere has been given the go ahead by all necessary parties.

Over the next few months all residents will be kept informed about these projects on a direct basis and your views and ideas will be sought and we cannot encourage you enough to become involved in them. This is an opportunity for all residents to have a say in the future development of the village and the social activities that are available to you all.

If you have any ideas for new activities that you are prepared to develop, and run do please contact either the Westridge or Neighbourhood Plan teams when you hear from them or go along to the public meetings they will be holding. The Society will be represented at both meetings to advise on any support or help we may be able to give. If you prefer to make contact sooner, then please do not hesitate to contact the society before and we will put you in touch with the correct person.

As an aside we are keen to enhance our communication and accessibility through technology but are struggling for capability to do so! If anyone has a bit of time to help us by enhancing our website and facilitating communication by Facebook/Twitter/Highflier/Nextdoor etc please make contact with us.

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